DiBari’s Catering opened in River Vale, New Jersey in 1998 as an Italian specialty store offering a variety of imported and domestic products.  In an effort to educate its consumers, DiBari’s Catering began offering prepared foods, foods that were not common to its clientele.  The success of these prepared foods permitted us to focus on building our off-premise catering business.  The overwhelming success of our off-premise catering business led us, in 2008, to close our retail operation and build a new catering facility in River Vale.  Our dedication to off-premise catering allows our clients to receive the best product available from food to staffing to décor to customer service.

Our menus are updated every season, emphasizing nature’s seasonal bounty as well as providing a glimpse into the culinary trends encompassing our profession. Through continual food research and perpetual testing of new products, DiBari’s Catering always delivers an exciting, yet well-balanced product.

DiBari’s Catering adheres to all state and federal food hygiene requirements and members of our staff are SafeServ Certified.